about me

some personal bits. me sharing my experience as a human being.

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i am

my name is Silviana Amethyst. I am

  • a computational and visualizing mathematician
  • a professor, teacher, researcher
  • a maker, 3d printer, modeler, and hacker. i'll take it apart.
  • a bicyclist, not "seriously" but for fun, health, and to replace driving
  • a smeller of my food before i eat -- very slowly and almost never to full
  • someone who feels anxiety at capitalization
  • an atheist who demands evidence
  • a great cook
  • a tight hand holder
  • a transgender woman
  • a feminist who continues to learn what it means to be a feminist
  • willing to apologize when i fuck up
  • a proud slut
  • not on any social media
  • a free thinker and questioner of everything
  • a c++ programmer who loves templates and error messages from the compiler
  • an Eagle scout -- trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. ok, i kinda fail at a few of those, but they're good aspirations.
  • dedicated to affirmative consent
  • finally growing toward who i've always wanted to be
danielle at oysterfest 2018

gender stories

In reverse chronological order

danielle amethyst at twin cities pride 2018

personal thoughts

in reverse chronological order

  • social media is challenging -- an essay on how much i struggle with social media of all forms, why i don't use it, and how i request you use it when you're around me
  • my pandemic story -- an essay describing my covid experience 2020-march 2021. this is a rather negative piece. cw: transphobia, suicide
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