Naming systems suck


record keeping systems that track names suck.

i wanted to change the name on my three college diplomas, went down to the registrar's office while i'm in colorado. they can't do it in person, and i must create an account. this requires typing my deadname. fine. the system shows my deadname on every page, cool. i ask the online chat a question about how to change my name, they immediately deadname me. i ask them not to. they tell me 'but at the top it says Dead Name'. yeah, asshole; and i just said i need help changing it in your shitty system. i find the stupid button. i have my court orders in pdf form, they only accept images, fine i'll convert. submit my name change, system still shows deadname everywhere til they approve it. i go to change my preferred name, it only accepts names that start with a capitalized letter.

fuck this system. i hate it. i hate name systems. they all suck for trans people and so many other naming conventions.