Silviana's teaching

This list ought not be construed as a complete representation of what I do in any particular time period. I have a very active research and personal life, represented throughout my site.

Classes at UWEC

Spring 2020

I am teaching:

  • two sections of Calculus I, Math 114
  • one and a half sections of DS710, Programming for Data Science

Fall 2019

I am teaching:

  • four sections of Data Science 710, Programming for Data Science

In addition, I was a visiting scholar at ICERM for Illustrating Mathematics

Spring 2019

I am teaching:

  • two sections of Calculus I, Math 114
  • Introduction to Differential Geometry, Math 338

Fall 2018

I am teaching:

  • three sections of Data Science 710: Programming for Data Science.

In major addition, as I describe in this work blog post, I am a visiting scholar at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics.

Spring 2018

I taught a bunch in the spring.

  • Two sections Discrete Math, Math 314
  • Two sections Programming for Data Science, DS 710
  • I taught the second half of Math Modeling, Math 324, with materials prepared by Dr. Abra Brisbin

Fall 2017

I taught four total courses at UW Eau Claire:

  • Math 345, Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics, two sections
  • DS710, Programming for Data Science, co-teaching two sections with Abra Brisbin.

Classes prior to UWEC

with links to syllabi as available

Notre Dame

North Carolina State University
  • MA 131 Calculus for Life and Management Sciences, Summer 2014
  • MA 132 Computational Mathematics for Life and Management Sciences, Summer 2014

Colorado State University
  • MATH 261 Calculus III for Scientists and Engineers, Fall 2013 (two sections), Fall 2010
  • MATH 160 Calculus I for Scientists and Engineers, Fall 2008
  • MATH 155 Calculus I for Biological Scientists, Summer 2009, Spring 2008, Fall 2007