Code for computing tropical curves

I offer here a package of code implemented in Matlab for numerically decomposing tropical curves, as described in my joint paper with Jon Hauenstein and Cynthia Vinzant.

The code is offered under the GPL3 license for FLOSS.

Download the code here:

The Matlab code offers several chunks of useful code, including
  • a bertini_input_file class for Matlab, which is useful for constructing a system to solve using Bertini 1.x
  • code for calling bertini, and doing some error checking
  • a tropical_curve class for Matlab, which holds the rays coming from coordinate hyperplane intersections, and offers several useful functions for plotting and displaying the data
  • code for actually performing the tropical curve decomposition, both for real and complex curves

Examples for how to use the code, particularly how to decompose real and complex tropical curves using Matlab and Bertini using your compute resources, is found in the examples section. Installation instructions, and basic usage instructions appear on separate pages.