This assumes you have already installed the code, Bertini, and any necessary dependencies. If not, goto Installing.

  1. Create a folder in which to run some examples. Move there.
  2. Create a Bertini-style input file for your favorite curve. Start small, don't go straight for that crazy 30-variable curve. How about one from the examples pages? Be sure to include the tracktype: 1; declaration in the config section, stating that you want a Numerical Irreducible Decomposition (NID). Also, you should homogenize and patch your system so you can compute the rays at \(\infty\). There are many examples of valid Bertini input files on the Bertini book page, though most are not curves.
  3. Call Bertini, compute the NID. Feel free to do this in parallel.
  4. If you did not get a dimension 1 component, stop, I cannot decompose higher dimension objects yet. Otherwise, keep going. The remainder of the steps must be in Matlab.
  5. Create a T=tropical_curve();, which by default is the complex curve. If you want the real part only, create T=tropical_curve('real'); The curve will automatically decompose.
  6. Since the software is numerical, there are thresholds which determine whether numbers are considered 0. If your results are not satisfactory, please consult the documentation, which should be included in the folder you downloaded.

Consider glancing over the examples.

If your results are still not satisfactory, you have challenges with the software, or have any comments or criticism, please contact Daniel Brake, danielthebrake [at]