Colorado visit

October 8-11

I had a great visit to Colorado over the weekend.

AMS Sectional

The AMS Western Sectional at Denver University was a lot of fun. The minisymposium on Foundations of Numerical Algebraic Geometry featured three sessions, and a total of 11 speakers. Anton Leykin had several students present for the first time, and they did great. Taylor from Frank Sottile's group rocked it, talking about computing polytopes numerically.

I had the last slot on Saturday afternoon. I talked about computing analytic functions over algebraic curves. I am writing an interface between Chebfun and Bertini_real in Matlab. I've only played with small examples for curves so far, but I can compute roots of nasty bessel functions over plane curves, which is awesome.

See my slides here. As usual, the slides are probably best downloaded once, because they are not optimized for web viewing.

CSU visit

After the conference, many participants made their way up to Colorado State University for several days of research discussion. We had quite a few participants! Thanks to everyone who came up.