Answered a stackexchange blender question about Suss

November 29, 2016

I was looking for information on how to use Blender to solidify about a cusp such as on Suss below, and came across a StackExchange question How can I generate an object from a mathematical function? about how to bring algebraic surfaces in to Blender. I saw two answers, and figured I'd throw mine in, too. I hope since it uses tools other than Blender it doesn't get removed!

Anyway, the question is here. Take a read!

New gallery entries

November 21, 2106

I continue to work to reproduce Herwig Hauser's excellent gallery of algebraic surfaces. This is a multipronged effort, in verifying the equations to all of the pictures are correct, decomposing them, printing them, and writing about them.

I just added new descriptions for suss, plop, leopold, solitude, and kolibri. I think the site's really coming together! Check it out.

Photography of prints

November 7, 2106

In an effort to improve my gallery of algebraic surfaces, and my photography skillz, I bought a light tent, and some lights, for taking photos of my prints. I think the result speak for themselves!

Over the next few weeks, I will be integrating these photos into a set of pages describing each of the surfaces in the gallery, with each surface getting its own page. Look for updates to come!