Nicolle got an internship at Institut Pasteur!

March 8, 2017

My student Nicolle Ho just got accepted as an intern at Institut Pasteur in France, for this summer! Congratulations, Nicolle, I am SO proud of you.

I accepted a job!

March 3, 2017

It's official, I have accepted a new job starting Fall 2017. My dreams came true!

My new position will be Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. Over the summer, I will transition from being a postdoc at Notre Dame to my new life as a professor. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me achieve this life goal. Thank you.

Specifically, I want to thank my letter writers, the people who helped me make my documents great, the people who took chances on me. My family, my wife, my dog and cat. I love you.