useless meaty fuckhole

oh! potential cunt, ghostly twat, etherial vagina, how I may love you, how may I come to know you?

In November 2020, I received some hatemail, by way of email and YouTube comments. The emails were far more fruitful, as opportunities for growth, though both were traumatic.

The phrase in the mail which I want to focus on here is "useless meaty fuckhole". But before I get there, I want to discuss how this email got there.

Here's what I was told:

"I don’t know and don’t want to know if a Thai miracle doctor chopped off your hard manly cock to hollow out a useless meaty fuckhole."

I find it curious, perhaps revealing, that the hatemail author (anonymous, of course, for the people who send these emails are cowards, one and all) admits they don't know, and claims they don't want to know, about my genital status. Yet, my genital status is presumably what drove this person to send me hatemail.

Were it not for a perceived mismatch between my genitals (of which OP is ignorant) and my identity, my gender expression would not be an issue for this person. And here they are, speculating about what's between my legs while taking the time to express not being interested in them. Come on, OP, you can't have it both ways. But, I know better than to expect or hope for any sort of logical consistency from this person. After all, they send hatemail. The cognitive dissonance necessary to justify sending something like this is stunning.

Let's return to my Heisenbergian meaty fuckhole, and it's alleged uselessness.

First, we should consider what is usefulness / uselessness. I figured I'd consult a dictionary (I used the one built into this Mac).

1 useless attempts: futile, to no avail, (in) vain, pointless, to no purpose, unavailing, hopeless, ineffectual, ineffective, to no effect, fruitless, unprofitable, profitless, unproductive; archaic bootless.
2 useless machines: unusable, broken, kaput, defunct, dud, faulty.

The hole in question is more of a machine than an attempt, though the line is perhaps blurry. Unusable? No, it's quite usable, if it exists. Vain? No more than what any other person does with their genitals, which is mostly hide them behind clothing. Which brings me to "pointless". I assure you, there is a point. When any person seeks surgical modification to their body, they seek to improve it. Sometimes, it's because they will die because they don't get the surgery, or other less severe functional improvement, like correcting a deviated septum. Others, it's for appearance or confidence -- still good reasons. And far be it from me to decide who can have what surgery -- or you, or OP.

What makes my hypothetical vagina any more useless than any other vagina? Most of the time, a vagina sits empty. Sometimes it is penetrated, and others it mentruates -- sometimes at the same time. And on occation, it delivers semen to an egg. But is that its sole use? Is it useless if it's not being used for procreation? If so, every woman who has never carried a child has a vagina just as useless as mine might be, if in fact I have one.

Surely, the use of a vagina is not limited to procreation -- I wouldn't stoop so low as to accuse OP of believing that womens' sole purpose is to give birth. What other uses might one have?

Sex. Pleasure. Meditation. Satisfaction. Confidence. All treasures in the human experience. Does OP not know the pleasures of intercourse? Manual self-stimulation? A beautiful vulva?

I feel so sorry for you, OP, that you think that those things are useless. What a sad life you must life. I bet you don't enjoy your food, look out your windows at the beautiful world outside, or hold hands with anyone -- experiences all at least as useless as sex.

Yet, at the end of the phrase, useless meaty fuckhole, comes the contradiction. OP clearly knows one of the uses of a vagina, hypothetical or not. Fucking is on their mind. They think a vagina is a hole for fucking, yet it's useless to do so. Again, the congnitive dissonance is shocking.

And what would a living fuckhole be if not meaty? Should it be sandy? Metallic? Plastic, or vegetable-like? Is its meatiness a problem somehow? You aren't thinking about eating a vagina are you? And, how is my potential hole substantially meatier than another girl's? Should I put sauce on it for you? What do you think, A1 or BBQ?

Useless meaty fuckhole.

In Steven Spielberg's ET, there was a phrase: "ET phone home". Now, imagine ET, saying "meaty fuckhole". It lines up pretty well, don't you think?

I'm imagining OP saying it in their own voice, reticent about their own proclivities. Their own useless meaty genitals. Their sad, hate-filled life. I'm imagining ET meeting OP, and OP hating on ET for his useless meaty body. Harassing this being, for difference. Come on, OP. Leave me and ET alone.