Boy Surface


Andrew Sommese asked me to print Boy Surface for him, as on display at Oberwolfach. Of course, I oblige!

I have prepared the model, and am waiting for another Klein bottle to finish printing. Tomorrow I will print Boy Surface.
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Some prints for a topology class


An instructor in the Mathematics department here at Notre Dame had heard that I print mathematical surfaces. So he came and talked to me about printing several objects for a topology class he is teaching. Today, I have completed printing those surfaces!
The surfaces include:
  • a klein bottle (model not mine, but thingiverse thing)
  • a torus
  • a two-holed torus
  • the real projective plane

Torus, two-torus, and real projective plane were computed by me, with help from Edward. The tori were computed directly from Bertini_real, while RP was explicitly parameterized.