On using Adobe Premiere

June 2017 -

Here are some notes to myself on using Adobe Premiere

On using the razor tool

I want to be able to easily remove sections from videos I make. I asked Shane Roby how he does it. Razor tool, he sez.

My question:

i have a single shot, captured from my screen, and i want to time-compress parts of the video -- or eliminate them entirely.

His response:

Pretty easy to do.  Put your entire clip on the timeline…go to the section you want to time compress…use the razor tool to cut the beginning point and end point…then right click on this section and change the speed (I don’t remember the exact wording.)  The audio will speed up as well, so if you don’t want the audio to speed up, before you change the speed, right click and choose UNLINK…then just choose the video layer.   To cut a section, do the same thing above with the razor tool, then DELETE.

I’ve mapped it’s function to SHIFT ‘A’  so I can speed up it’s use…I use it all the time.

On processing an image stack

I sometimes use Matlab to generate a sequence of images, to be turned into a movie. Matlab's internal movie utilities are ... mediocre IMO. I run out of memory, and have a hard time getting them into the format I want. So, I asked Roby what he does. Premiere, and maybe Photoshop.

My question:

do you ever have a need to take an image stack and turn it into a movie? if so, what do you use?

His reponse:

Yes sometimes.  If they are all named sequentially, Premiere Pro can load the first one and it asks if they should be put together and will put them all on the timeline so you can export.  I ‘think’ photoshop 2017 can do this now as well.


i can name them arbitrarily, so sequentially is fine with me. thanks!